Hello September!!!

Hello Superkinder families.  We are very excited to begin new training adventures this month in our reading and math stations.  We have been working very hard learning how to discuss our thinking in small groups and how to be great listeners.  The new math materials are helping students spend more time with hands on math learning!  We have been sorting many things together in the room.  As this month continues we will begin working with counting and representing the objects we count with a symbol (numeral).  We will dive deep into individual numbers and different ways to represent them.  By the end of the month many students will begin the process of adding and subtracting without using the symbols from math equations.  We are very excited to watch them grow and develop new strategies to use in their learning.

In writing we are working on establishing our OWN opinions.  We talk about our opinions being what we think and feel.  We have discussed in depth that peoples opinions cannot be wrong.  It’s pretty awesome to hear that what you think is always right!!  We will dive into that concept a little more later when we begin talking about facts vs. opinions.

In reading we are working on Nursery Rhymes.  The Superhero trainees decided on Friday, last week, they would like to teach the WHOLE school the nursery rhymes.  They developed a plan to be successful with their goal, and dictated a couple of email “notes” to send to some experts in our building for help with their plan. We are going to revisit their plans this week and make some decisions about finalizing our plans.  When everything is final and the students have decided on a time line, I will send information home about our presentation of the Nursery Rhymes.  They will perform for the school one day, and then the next day they will perform for all of the Firefly families!!!  We are very excited about the leadership role they have created for themselves!  They truly are Superheroes in training!!!!